Accidents with Self-Driving Cars – Who is Responsible?

2023-11-07 5:19:39

As autonomous vehicles make their way into mainstream media companies like Waymo, Tesla, BMW, and Uber, each bringing their own innovative take on self-driving vehicle technology. Although these driverless options are not fully available for everyone, they have already started challenging traditional notions of vehicle operation and liability. For example, Waymo relies heavily on advanced algorithms, while Tesla features its Autopilot mode, and BMW and Uber are both in the developmental stages of their own self-driving technologies. Despite these advancements, the issue of human oversight and responsibility remains a critical concern.Regardless of the built-in safety measures or the limited availability of these driverless cars, the unfortunate reality is that accidents still occur. When these incidents happen, and no one is in direct control of the vehicle, questions about who will be held responsible becomes complex for injury compensation.
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